Forgeworld And Tournament Play

Posted: May 3, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Events, Forgeworld, Hobby, Rules, Scenarios
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Astronomi-con since the very beginning has been an event which has tried to incorporate as much of the 40k universe as possible in our tournaments.

This has been the case over four editions of the game, and all manner of rules from White Dwarf Chapter Approved articles, 40k Battle Zone supplements such as Cityfight, more exotic rules such as VDR, and what we’ve always seen as an extension of the core range of rules and models: Forgeworld.

This has been our preferred method of playing games here locally for over a decade, and as a result the gaming culture has grown to simply accept Forgeworld rules and models without any second thoughts.  This is most certainly not the case in other communities, and having recently attended a tournament that did not allow units from the Forgeworld supplements (models were just fine!) it struck me as to how much Forgeworld is part of the local 40k scene.


Today I ran across the Whiskey and 40k blog, which had a very well written article by Mike Brandt, which addresses this topic and some of the dynamics of the tournament scene in the U.S.A.


I would like to invite your comments and thoughts on the subject of using Forgeworld in tournaments.


  1. Chris Broeska says:

    Since it’s admittedly not balanced or play tested, I think Forge World does not belong in Grand Tournament play. Currently it seems most people who are clamoring for it are looking for an answer for flyers. You can ally Tau now, you don’t need Forge World. Yes the models are dope, but I don’t think they belong in competitive play. No army NEEDS to run FW. One day weekend events, sure run that junk, but larger events, not so much. I also think the price tag for the knowledge of FW is formidable. If you can’t afford to drop over $100 per Forge World book, you will get left behind in this new meta. It’s in Astro, and that’s cool. But I’d prefer they keep it out of NorthStar.

  2. Jeff Brown says:

    It depends on the army really. Some armies (Eldar come to mind) can use FW to better balance their list. However most Xenos armies are really lacking in the FW department. Imperial Guard and to a lesser extent Space Marines have received the most amount of FW support, and can field trully broken lists is the player has enough to spend on it.

    I’m of two minds of this, it can bring balance to the game, the models are great, but it also can really be abused.

    However untill more Tourneys start allowing FW, I don’t think we’ll see any large issues as people won’t be willing to invest in something that they might only use once a year in a competitve setting, which should limit the power gamers. At that point when it becomes widely accepted we may have a better idea of what could be considered broken and what isn’t. I don’t believe there is enough real world examples yet to make a competent decision either way.

  3. As mentioned elsewhere, nothing in Games Workshop’s portfolio is tested with hardcore competitive play in mind.

    We have allowed FW at Astros for 30+ events now and, quite simply, it has not been a problem. Broken elements virtually never involve FW models. Generally the broken units/combos are from regular codices.

    As such, extensive experience doesn’t really bear out that FW is a problem. There is a perception, but there does not seem to be any kind of reality.

  4. Dave Graham says:

    On the FW question, I cannot honestly remember a single game ( and I’ve been to every Astro Toronto, as well as a couple of the Winnipeg events) where I found that the inclusion of any FW models ruined the game experience for me.

    And, i should add, I have included FW stuff a bunch of times myself. I love their models, and to date have spent far more $ on their stuff than I probably should have 😀

    I will add that at any event I take FW stuff to, I include a copy of the relevant rules for the FW thingie attached to the copy of my army list I always provide. I realize the books are not cheap, and that there are a lot of players out there who don’t own copies. I’ve always found my opponent appreciates having a copy of the relevant rules, and have never had anyone complain at having to face any of the FW units I have ever fielded.

    As far as the “competitive play” argument against FW is concerned, I agree with the Lord Commander, this Is GW ‘s rules we are talking about here . Playtesting (however much has been done) has never been focused on making every list balanced against every other list. What I guess it boils down to is , for me, it’s always been about enjoying the modeling and playing the game, rather than about winning.

  5. Matt says:

    Having not been to an Astro tournament before, is Forgeworld generally as accepted by the player base as it is by the organizers? I’d hate to show up with a Contemptor dread (or some such thing), thinking that the tournie is FW-friendly, and then get hammered on ‘Army Sportsmanship’ because my opponenents all think FW is broken.

  6. rythos42 says:

    Your rules mention Imperial Armour, VDR, etc, but I haven’t seen mention of the non-super heavy Apocalypse units? Are these legal in Astronomi-con?

    (Specifically, I’m considering the Ork flakka trukk from Apoc: Reloaded).

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