Astronomi-con Army Design

Posted: March 6, 2014 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Events, Hobby, Scenarios, Tactica

MR_Astro_Fists_Logo_240x226Over the years and editions we have seen all kinds of armies take on the challenge that Astronomi-con presents with its varied scenarios, terrain, and the tournament format itself.  As an organizer, I thought I would share some insights into what I feel armies need to rise to the occasion.

Scoring Units.   Certainly there is no big surprise here.   Scoring units are essential for securing static objectives and holding table quarters.  Most armies will have at least three or more scoring units.  These units are generally the backbone of an army, and will serve you well at Astronomi-con.

Mobility.  Many scenarios involve not only moving to secure objectives, but also getting to various locations on the battlefield.   Transports, Bikes, Cavalry and Jump Infantry are the most common type of mobile unit, but this role can also be covered by deep striking units, outflankers, and infiltrators to help ensure you get to the parts of the battlefield where units are needed most.  Consider investing in things like dozer blades to overcome the inevitable difficult terrain which you may encounter.  This can also present you with some tactical advantages to keep your opponent off-balance.

Warlord Trait.  With the ability to select your own Warlord trait, players have unprecedented ability to build a strategy around their Warlord trait, or use it as a means to shore up a perceived weakness in the force, or for scenarios which your army may be perceived as at a disadvantage.

Flexibility.  Having different types of units in your force can give you the edge not only from a composition score standpoint, but also on the tabletop.  Being able to get more out of your units can result in a decided Victory Point advantage in the long run.  At 1500 points, armies simply cannot take all of the units they could possibly want, so some real tough decisions need to be made – and as such units that can get more than one job done often become the new heroes of the battle.

In closing, I feel that it is important to select a force that can challenge not only your opponents, but yourself as well.  In the wide range of possible scenarios you will face at Astronomi-con, a force that can adapt and overcome will be far more satisfying to play with – and against.




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