On Victory Point changing items/traits etc.

Posted: March 6, 2014 by Lord Commander Militant of the Imperial Guard in Uncategorized

Another thing that has come up recently has been discussions of things like VP affecting traits etc.

Now, in the old days of ‘win, lose, draw’ etc. we could have just left those alone, but the new system we are using for tournament scoring uses VPs directly as your tournament points with a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 15 per game.

Now imagine what happens if you take a Warlord Trait that gets you 5 extra VPs…

Suddenly our entire scoring system has the potential to break. Not good.

In some cases, it’s appropriate to just ‘flip’ this ability and that works in many cases. For example, if you lose this particular item and your Opponent gets an extra VP – that could break the scoring system. But causing the player who took it to LOSE 1 VP doesn’t. It allows that item to be played and preserves the balance of a penalty for losing it, just in a different way.

The reason we pulled Cypher’s VP rules (rather than just ‘flipping’ them) was that his rules could be used to play a ‘screw your neighbor’ game with your opponent should they happen to have any Dark Angels. “Oh, you have DA? I’ll hide Cypher here in the corner all game and cost you 1d3 VPs because I’m mean…” Not good. Not good at all. So he wasn’t a good candidate for a ‘flip’. Still, we wanted to allow him to be played so we’ll just put him out there without that rule which, fortunately, has pluses and minuses for both sides.

We want people’s games to be fun and the system to work and work well. So there is a very well thought out reason why we do some of these things.

  1. Greg says:

    Just in case it was not intentional, there are two warlord traits in IA12 for necrons, #2 and 3 that can grant additional VPs.

  2. Any trait which gives additional VPs either gets modified or banned (depending on its nature)

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