Astronomi-con Scenarios – A Beginner’s Guide

Posted: March 7, 2014 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Events, Hobby, Scenarios, Tactica, Terrain

For players new to Astronomi-con one of the biggest adjustments is the diversity of scenarios and the concept that every player will have a different mix of scenarios to play over the course of the tournament.


Why do we do it this way?  There are more than a few answers to this question.

Theme: First and foremost, I feel that we want scenarios to work with the terrain they are played on. This helps a great deal with immersive story-telling, and allows us to be creative when doing scenario design. Of course, we have a large number of ‘generic’ scenarios which are not dependant on terrain, so this leads us to another facet of the answer.

Diversity:  Having a wide range of styles of scenarios is also an important part of why we have a different scenario on each table. Some armies are good at one type of mission and can be really challenged when faced with a scenario that isn’t “what the army can do”. This forces players to stretch.  Whether in the form of designing more well-rounded armies, or getting players to expand their abilities as a general, a wide range of scenarios makes things more challenging.

Competitive Balance:  We often say that a player will likely encounter one scenario that is ideal for their army, four scenarios that they have a fighting chance, and one scenario where they will be extremely challenged. Of course, it doesn’t always turn out that way, but we’ve found that it is generally how it goes.  As such, it is very rare that a player manages to win all of their games – which we think is a good thing.

Player Experience:  With a different scenario on each table, each player will almost always have a unique group of scenarios that they play when compared to their peers. This certainly makes for a more diverse player experience each time they participate in one of our events as events in different cities will have different scenarios, as well as from year to year locally.

So, for those new to Astronomi-con and its diversity of scenarios, what should a new player look to do to get familiar with Astronomi-con’s style of mission?  The answer of course is to play some!   We’ve made a large number of missions available for players to download and enjoy.

Some suggestions for those new to Astronomi-con:

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