Astra Militarum – Manticore

Posted: April 21, 2014 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Forgeworld, Rules, Tactica
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As Imperial Guard players transition to the new Astra Militarum codex, while much may seem the same, many things have changed.  I’ll be posting a series of articles about some of the units which have seen changes and hopefully provide some insights, tactics, and general information about how the unit has evolved.


Next up:  Manticore.

The Manticore made its mainstream debut in the previous Imperial Guard codex.  It was a popular choice for the high strength, high blast content ordnance barrage attacks which decimated vehicles and infantry.  The chance to fire up to 3 strength 10 large blast markers each turn combined with the sixth edition changes to how blast markers affected units made the Manticore a strong contender for Heavy Support slots in many Imperial Guard forces.

It is back again in the new Astra Militarum codex, and on first glance, the only thing that’s changed is a small points increase, up 10 points to 170 before upgrades.  Looking a bit more closely there are some other very important changes…


Statline – Unchanged.  The Manticore will benefit from cheaper camo netting, and an additional heavy stubber can save a rocket in a weapon destroyed situation (see below) – and gives a bit more firepower once the rockets have been spent.

Limited Ammunition – While the Manticore still has its four Storm Eagle Rockets, in the new codex, each unfired rocket counts as a separate weapon when determining weapon destroyed results on the vehicle damage table. This is a welcome clarification as it will keep the Manticore hopefully firing just a bit longer.

Storm Eagle Rockets – Here is where things change big-time.  In a sentence almost everyone thus far has glanced over and not read, on page 62 of the Astra Militarum codex in the Storm Eagle Rockets entry:  “Storm eagle rockets cannot fire directly.”  This is a big change from the previous version as it now means that the Manticore cannot use its BS to reduce scatter distance when it fires these rockets.


The combination of a higher point cost and less accurate firing now makes this unit a bit of a tougher choice.  As with most units in the Astra Militarum codex, they work even better with a Primaris psyker with Prescience, allowing for re-rolls of the scatter dice when the power is cast successfully onto the Manticore. Prescience however doesn’t provide a re-roll for determining how many blasts each rocket creates.

When having to face an army with a Manticore, be sure that your opponent doesn’t use the Manticore’s BS when working out scatter.  If they do, you can call BS on them…



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