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Having had some time now to work with the new seventh edition ruleset, we have made some changes to how armies will be selected when used at Astronomi-con events.

Armies will be able to be selected from up to five Astronomi-con Detachments as detailed below:

Primary Detachment

Astronomi-con Primary Detachment (Compulsory) – this is the Force Organization chart that players will be familiar with from previous editions. Not a lot of surprises here.  Lords of War are not included.  We have opted to make use of Restrictions and Command Benefits which should help players build their forces in a similar way to the Combined Arms Detachment in the rulebook.

This Detachment is compulsory, and as such each army must make use of it to some degree.


Allied Detachment

Astronomi-con Allied Detachment (Optional) – This should also be a familiar sight to most players.  Players can opt to select an allied force to join their Primary Detachment.  One restriction is that units from this Allied Detachment must be of a different Faction than the Primary Detachment.  For Astronomi-con events, Troops from this Allied Detachment only get the Objective Secured special rule if they are Battle Brothers with the Faction chosen from the Astronomi-con Primary Detachment.  We opted for this subtle change to make alliances a bit more thematic (and less trusting).


Inquisitorial Detachment

Astronomi-con Inquisitorial Detachment (Optional) – For those players that have an eye out for the Inquisition this detachment will provide a way to bring these agents of the Imperium to the battlefield.  An Inquisitor selected from this Detachment can even be the Warlord. For armies that are Battle Brothers with the Inquisition, the Inquisitors in this detachment will get the Objective Secured special rule.  This seemed like a thematic option and also gives players some slight incentive to field these guys.  This Detachment is only allowed if the faction in the Astronomi-con Primary Detachment has an allies level that is not ‘Come the Apocalypse’.

For Astronomi-con this is the only way that units from Codex: Inquisition can be selected.  Codex: Inquisition cannot be used as the Faction for your Astronomi-con Primary Detachment.


LegionOfTheDamned Detachment

Astronomi-con Legion Of The Damned Detachment (Optional) – We have included the option of adding a Legion of the Damned detachment for the sake of completeness (note that GW didn’t even give this codex a mention in the new rulebook).   When making use of this detachment, the Legion of the Damned count as one of the Armies of the Imperium for allies purposes.  This Detachment is only allowed if the faction in the Astronomi-con Primary Detachment has an allies level that is not ‘Come the Apocalypse’.


Formation Detachment4

Astronomi-con Formation Detachment (Optional) – Formations were introduced in the previous edition of the game and are now an accepted way of getting units into an army.  We have provided players with the option to field a single formation in their force.  This Formation however must be of the same Faction as the Astronomi-con Primary Detachment.


Each of these detachments may be selected only once.

Players will have the freedom to select a very diverse force and we have also made some changes to how Composition will be scored to streamline how it is calculate and perhaps relax some of the previous penalties which will all be covered in a future post.

  1. Bruce says:

    Ok so, just making sure, but under the combined arms detachment, I’m allowed to take units from both books of a faction as long as I have an HQ and two troops from each (ie. CSM and Crimson Slaughter or Eldar and Iyanden). Is this also being allowed at Astro?

    • The way it works is you pick a Faction for your Primary Detachment. That faction will have its own book. You can only select units that are part of that faction. So for CSM & Crimson Slaughter – if you select CSM as your Faction you can only select units from the CSM codex. If you had selected Crimson Slaughter as your faction you could only select units available in the Crimson Slaughter codex army list. In that case some units from CSM would be available, but they would fall into the force organization slots as per the Crimson Slaughter army list.

      The Astronomi-con Allied Detachment specifies that a different Faction must be selected from the Faction in the Astronomi-con Primary Detachment. So, you could have a Crimson Slaughter Primary Detachment and a CSM Allied Detachment.

      The Iyanden & Eldar Factions would be handled similarly.

      • Greg says:

        What about Space Marines with different Chapter Tactics? The 7th edition FAQ made it clear that if your Primary detachment and Allied detachment had different Chapter Tactics, you could run them both from the same book (Codex: Space Marines). This would be a different situation than what was asked for above (one book being considered two factions vs. two books being considered one faction).

  2. Greg says:

    Sorry, I just checked the expanded definition of Allied detachment, and my previous question was answered.

    On another note, does the painting rule for different Chapters from the same book apply if you have allies from chapters from different books (i.e. Space Wolves, Blood Angels or Dark Angels)? Particularly for DIY chapters (or successors, etc.), people may use “vanilla” models to represent different things, but usually WYSIWYG and clever modelling can allow for clear differentiation of models while still allowing someone to have a consistent colour scheme across the army, including any allied detachments (ex. someone loves Salamanders, but wants to have a cool fiery green Mephiston running around to represent X Salamander hero). Please let me know what you intended with this rule.

  3. Does the new Ork detachment change any of this?

  4. Note that these special Astro Detachments are no longer used as of mid 2015 – just to be clear.

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