Toronto Army Lists

Posted: July 5, 2014 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Composition, Events, News, Rules

Army Lists for Astronomi-con Toronto are to be submitted for verification and composition scoring by July 12th.

Army lists should be e-mailed to:

Please submit your lists in any of the following formats:  pdf, xlsx, docx, html, txt.

Army lists should have the points and all unit options clearly separated.  Including all detachments.

Warlord Trait must be included and a Warlord must be clearly identified.

Psykers must declare which disciplines they are selecting and how many rolls for each discipline.

  1. Evilbondagespaceelf says:

    hi there! I’m a little late to the game and was thinking of registering when I saw there were a few spaces left, but when I saw that lists had to be sent in by yesterday it made me think twice. Is it too late or can I still register and send a list?

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