Army List Submissions

Posted: April 9, 2016 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Uncategorized
We have asked players to submit their army lists in advance, as you can well imagine checking everyone’s list takes a fair bit of time and effort! We thank those that have already sent in their lists for us to check correctness and score Composition.
Many people have asked us if there is a deadline to get their army lists in, and have also asked if there is a cut-off as to when newly released codices and units can be included. In the interests of allowing as much ‘cool stuff’ as we can, we have removed any such cut-off. Our stance is: If it’s out, it’s available to use.
Now, this approach can put us organizers in a bit of a bind (see above about scoring lists). We ask that players submit their lists to us as soon as they are ready.
With the upcoming Space Marine releases, many players may want to check out what’s available before submitting their lists – whether or not they themselves are playing Space Marines – or may decide to play them instead of the faction they are considering bringing.
Players are encouraged to send us their lists now should they wish. If you feel that the upcoming release is impacting your own list choice, please hold-off and get your list to us once you’ve had a chance to review the new release.
We will accept list revisions over the next couple of weeks, but be sure to get it in so we can make sure your list is legal, and get you your Composition score.
Composition is used to seed players for the first round of the tournament. If your list isn’t submitted in advance your Composition score is zero for first-round seeding purposes.
If you don’t submit your list in advance and the list you bring to the tournament is deemed to be illegal, then you will be in a difficult position. So, please get your lists in as soon as possible!

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