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New Codices – How will they fare at Astronomi-con?

Posted: June 20, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Events, Hobby, News, Rules, Scenarios
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Starting with this summer’s Astronomi-con Toronto three codices will be making their Astronomi-con debut.

Codex: Tau Empire, Codex Eldar, and the Iyanden supplement for Codex: Eldar will all be available for players to select.


Will these codices have a big splash at Astronomi-con this year?  What kind of army lists will we see at 1500 points?

Astronomi-con promotes a balanced army approach to army selection, formally with its Composition scoring and more subtly with the widely diverse scenarios.  With a 1500 point limit, generals are challenged to get even more out of their selections.  We are looking forward to seeing what kind of impact these new codices will have on Astronomi-con as a whole as well.

What are your thoughts on these codices entering the Astronomi-con tournament setting?


Iyanden Supplement

Posted: June 3, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Hobby, News, Rules, Scenarios

Games Workshop will be releasing the much anticipated Iyanden – A Codex: Eldar Supplement later this month.

It will contain rules and scenarios that are not in Codex: Eldar!   It looks to be a full print release, combined with an eBook release, with a limited edition release as well.







New From Forgeworld

Posted: May 23, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Forgeworld, Hobby, News, Rules, Scenarios, Tactica
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Forgeworld has released their next ‘Second Edition’ Imperial Armour book:  Imperial Armour Volume Three Second Edition – The Taros Campaign.


While the naming convention and release order may lend itself to a bit of confusion, there is none when it comes to the reason behind this book being the second one to get the v6 treatment to produce a Second Edition.  The main force featured in the book is the Tau.  With their recent codex release and massive popularity, it makes great sense to have the complete Tau range of models available with updated rules for sixth edition.  In addtion, this book also has a new Elysian Drop Troops army list, and rules for fielding Tallaran Desert Raiders using Codex: Imperial Guard.  The Imperial guard dovetail well with the recently released Imperial Armour Volume One Second Edition – Imperial Guard.

Seeing these Imperial Armour books being updated for sixth edition is an important factor in getting more players using these great models in their games of 40K, and will undoubtedly help bring these units more into the mainstream and the greater tournament scene.  Note that units from this book will be allowed for the upcoming Astronomi-con tournaments in Toronto and Vancouver.


It would stand to reason that the other Imperial Armour Volumes will receive similar treatment as 40k codices are released.  However, with the upcoming Eldar codex, should we expect a Second Edition for Imperial Armour Eleven – The Doom of Mymeara?

40K Armageddon

Posted: May 22, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Hobby, News, Scenarios, Uncategorized
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A new 40K turn-based strategy game is on the way for both the PC and iPad platforms.


Slitherine has announced Warhammer 40,000 Armageddon as a Q1 2014 release.

An excerpt from the Slitherine forum post:

“This deal represents yet another testament to our continuous aim to reach new audiences, without losing sight of who we are and what we do best”, said JD McNeil, Chairman of the Slitherine Group. “It’s all about creating strategy games that are targeted to a particular audience and addressing a very specific need in the market. The Warhammer 40,000 setting is a perfect fit for the style of strategy games that we make and will be very popular with fantasy and science fiction fans alike. Joining forces with Games Workshop will allow us to bring an wonderfully deep and appropriate IP to the Turn Based Strategy genre”.

The comments in the forum posting from a source at Slitherine indicate that a Play By E-Mail option will also be available.

More information can be found here at PocketTactics and at EuroGamer.

Set during the Second war for Armageddon, expect to see all of the major characters and themes front and centre.  Having a good collection of Armageddon themed forces in my own collection, I am highly anticipating this title, and am eager to see what is in store!

Updating our FAQ

Posted: May 13, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in News, Rules, Scenarios
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Most rules questions these days are covered by GW’s rules updates.  However some aspects of Astronomi-con need their own clarifications.

The FAQ section has been updated for two units: Space Wolves Lone Wolves and Tau Ethereals.

Scenario Update

Posted: May 7, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in News, Rules, Scenarios
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The scenarios used at our recent Winnipeg event are now all online for download in the Scenarios section.

These versions are the original ones used at the event, and any feedback for corrections will be added to the next round of updates.

In the interrim, please share, download and enjoy. If you have suggestions, find errors or omissions, please let us know!

Forgeworld And Tournament Play

Posted: May 3, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Events, Forgeworld, Hobby, Rules, Scenarios
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Astronomi-con since the very beginning has been an event which has tried to incorporate as much of the 40k universe as possible in our tournaments.

This has been the case over four editions of the game, and all manner of rules from White Dwarf Chapter Approved articles, 40k Battle Zone supplements such as Cityfight, more exotic rules such as VDR, and what we’ve always seen as an extension of the core range of rules and models: Forgeworld.

This has been our preferred method of playing games here locally for over a decade, and as a result the gaming culture has grown to simply accept Forgeworld rules and models without any second thoughts.  This is most certainly not the case in other communities, and having recently attended a tournament that did not allow units from the Forgeworld supplements (models were just fine!) it struck me as to how much Forgeworld is part of the local 40k scene.


Today I ran across the Whiskey and 40k blog, which had a very well written article by Mike Brandt, which addresses this topic and some of the dynamics of the tournament scene in the U.S.A.


I would like to invite your comments and thoughts on the subject of using Forgeworld in tournaments.


Game Theory For Everyone

Posted: April 29, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in News, Scenarios, Tactica
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Here’s a fantastic resource for those with a deeper interest in game theory and its applications.

Yale University provides an open course on Introductory Game Theory and Strategic Thinking as part of their Economics curriculum.

In this free online course complete with full online video lectures hosted by iTunes and YouTube, as well as all course materials!


The Fall of Orpheus

Posted: April 9, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in Forgeworld, Hobby, News, Rules, Scenarios

UPDATE: Even more info including rumors about details on units and army lists can be found on the Faeit212 blog from the original article on Darog’s Company.

Hot on the heels of their Open Day, Forgeworld today has released Imperial Armour Volume Twelve – The Fall of Orpheus for pre-order with a shipping date of May 3rd, 2013.

From the first looks at the images they’ve released, there appears to be plenty of great art, models, and background to add to your collection and gaming experiences!  This also means that the army lists contained therein will be available for use at Astronomi-con events this summer!

Imperial Armour Volume Twelve: The Fall of Orpheus, written by Alan Bligh, is a mighty 232-page, full colour tome, packed with lavish maps, colour profiles and photographs. The horrors of the Orphean War are recounted in detail, alongside a new variant Necron army list – the Dark Harvest – which represents the tainted Maynarkh Dynasty, and full rules for new Necron units such as the Night Shroud Bomber, the Canoptek Acanthrites and the mighty Tomb Citadel.

Rumor – Minor Races in 40k?

Posted: April 8, 2013 by The Master of the Adeptus Administratum in News, Rules, Scenarios

Faeit 212 has an interesting rumor on their blog today, about minor races in 40k.  And now a follow-up article


Minor races, especially Xenos like Ambulls have been a feature of Astronomi-con for years.  Since the dawning days of Rogue Trader these evocative aliens have been a personal favorite of mine.

While the models are long (very long!) out of production, they still turn up on eBay once in a while – usually commanding a hefty price.

We feature five of these fantastic models in our scenario Hammer and Ambull.