Registration for Astronomi-con Toronto 2015 will be by PayPal.

Last Update (17:50 CST Saturday, July 18th 2015)


# Player Name Player City Army
1  Thomas Hird  Toronto, ON  TBA
2  Andrew Mudge  Keswick, ON  TBA
3  Josh Curtis  Newmarket, ON  TBA
4  Douglas Ballanger  Brampton, ON  TBA
5  Kevin Morris  Etobicoke, ON  TBA
6  Milos Vukicevic  Vaughan, ON  TBA
7  Dave Reuhl  Midland, MI  TBA
8  Dave Graham  Toronto, ON  TBA
9  Adrian Johnson  Newmarket, ON  TBA
10  Dave Handy  Honolulu, HI  TBA
11  Diogo Pita  Toronto, ON  TBA
12  Alexander Motolko  London, ON  TBA
13  Tim Whitney  Kitchener, ON  TBA
14  Philippe Savard  Toronto, ON  TBA
15  Nick Itsou  Scarborough, ON  TBA
16  Shane Phillips  Toronto, ON  TBA
17  Trevor Craig  Toronto, ON  TBA
18  Jim Baidacoff  Georgetown, ON  TBA
19  Curtis Cluett  Toronto, ON  TBA
20  Andrew Brock  Newmarket, ON  TBA
21  Jonathan Tung  North York, ON  TBA
22  Mike Fiume  Toronto, ON  TBA
23  Burton Wright  Stouffville, ON  TBA
24  Jan Jones  Ottawa, ON  TBA
25  Wayne Shelson  Ottawa, ON  TBA
26  Garrett Pogson  Keswick, ON  TBA
27  Nicholas Kozlo  Toronto, ON  TBA
28  John Horeth  Ottawa, ON  TBA
29  Simon Cartmale  Woodstock, ON  TBA
30  George Timson  Strathroy, ON  TBA
31  Brian Spruyt  Strathroy, ON  TBA
32  Katie Klement  Strathroy, ON  TBA
33  Sean Leonard  Toronto, ON  TBA
34  Jeff Brown  Toronto, ON  TBA
35  Ian Wright  Toronto, ON  TBA
36  Brian Millar  Toronto, ON  TBA
37  Devin Swann  Toronto, ON  TBA
38  Michael Chapman  Toronto, ON  TBA
39  Jesse McGibney  Oakville, ON  TBA
40  Alex Alphonso  Toronto, ON  TBA
41  Skylor Petrovich  Pickering, ON  TBA
42 Mike Riley  Uxbridge, ON  TBA
43  Julian Hunt  North York, ON  TBA
44  Joey Geary  Toronto, ON  TBA
45  Ciaran Gibb  Aurora, ON  TBA
46  Jesse North  Markham, ON  TBA
47  Jared Bond  Torrance, ON  TBA
48  Alex Bavcevic  Toronto, ON  TBA

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