Army Selection


Army Selection

Armies will be composed of three Sections. A 1400 point Main Force, a 700 point Offensive Sideboard, and a 700 point Defensive Sideboard. (abbreviated MF,OS,DS respectively)

Armies are constructed using the Battle-forged format, and players can assign Detachments, Formations, and units to any of the three sections as detailed below.

Formations & Detachments:

• A Detachment or Formation may be completely contained in one of the three Sections.
• A Detachment or Formation may be spread across one or more Sections as follows: Required units in a Detachment or Formation must be allocated to the MF. Optional units in the Formation may be allocated to one or more Sideboards.

The above ensure that an army consisting of the MF+OS or MF+DS will result in a legal Battle-forged force.

Per normal Astronomi-con rules, no duplicate Detachments or Formations may be taken.

Formation-Based Detachments

• A Formation-based detachment must have its Required Formations/units as part of the MF.
• Auxiliary selections may be in the MF, OS, or DS.

When an army consisting of the MF+OS or MF+DS is selected, this must result in the Formation-based Detachment being a legal army.

When the MF+OS+DS are combined the army also must be a legal Battle-forged force.

Relics and Unique Units

These follow the normal restrictions when being included in an army.


Your Warlord must be part of the Main Force. Warlord Traits will be rolled for as normal.


Allies may be selected – but only from those listed as Battle Brothers.  This is to keep the entire army all composed of the same Faction.

Death from the Skies

Death from the Skies – including the aerial formations and patterns listed within will be used in The Imperium Besieged – in particular as these are now part of the accepted standard rules. FW FAQ statistics for their aircraft are also allowed.

In addition, both the rules for Wing Leaders and Aces will be used. There will be a form included in the player pack to track progress toward Ace (kills and which plane got them if there are more than one) which will have to be initialed by each player’s opponent as confirmation of accuracy.

Note that aircraft must be marked in some way to identify clearly to an opponent which plane got credit for the kills etc. in particular if there is more than one aircraft of a given type. This can be numbers or symbols on the fuselage, colour variants, or even something distinctive about the base. Anything so long as there is some way for your opponent to confirm THAT plane got X number of kills and survived the fight (or not) or THIS plane got shot down and has their kill count reset to zero or needs to make a roll for Ace survival, if that status has been achieved.

There will also be a ‘Top Gun’ Trophy for the highest ranking SURVIVING ace (we are too dignified to stoop down to bestow the laurels of victory on a corpse smeared across the countryside in the remains of his plane). Wounded but still surviving aces are allowed to win, should that transpire.

Some additional DFTS stuff (pretty much all for FW planes) – these are stopgaps until FW addresses these items.

1) The Astra Militarum includes all the various ‘sub’ elements of the Astra Militarum for purposes of buying planes. This is Imperial Navy support, after all. That means that things like Elysian Drop Troops, Death Korps of Krieg, armored formations such as the armored company, the Militarum Tempestus etc. are all considered Astra Militarum when it comes to purchasing support from the Imperial Navy.

2) DFTS includes Wing Leader ‘skills’ which will be using. However the book only addresses the specific formations and craft within it and they are fairly specific. For the units in the book (such as Valkyries or Helldrakes) this is fine. The FW planes have no tables though. As such we will be using the following at least until FW gives us tables. These are all existing tables in the rules and are as close a ‘narrative’ match as we could get:

a) Imperial Navy ‘Ground Attack and Bomber’ aircraft will use the Valkyrie chart. This will mean things like Vendettas, Vultures, etc. Transport craft will also use this chart.

b) Chaos Space Marine piloted craft will use the Codex Space Marines Chart (it’s the most generic and they are marines after all). This would be for things like Chaos Fire Raptors etc.

c) Cultist piloted aircraft will use the Dark Eldar chart. Hellblades and Helltalons etc. This is taken from the ‘feel’ of the Chaos pilots in the Abnett book Double Eagle. It seems a better fit for them than the other charts.

d) Daemon Engines will use either the Helldrake chart or, if it’s totally inappropriate due to the special rules for the model, the Codex Space Marine chart (again as it is the most generic).

e) Imperial Navy Fighters will use the Codex Space Marine chart (same reason as above, it’s the most generic – just imagine different fluff descriptions for the effects)

f) Other aircraft will use the closest possible race equivalent chart. Eldar will use that chart, Tau theirs etc. Orks will generally use the Flyboyz chart unless otherwise specified that the pilot is a mek etc.


If you’ve got something REALLY weird, just ask us. We might have missed something. Probably though, it will wind up with the Codex Space Marine chart (just saying)