What about codices which will be coming out soon?

Any codices or supplements (either digital or print) that are released (in customer’s hands) prior to the event will be eligible for use.
Check the Ruleset section for the list of codices and other rules which will not be permitted or will be permitted with Astronomi-con amendment.



How does Astronomi-con handle objectives?

Each scenario will have Special Rules regarding objectives.

Some objectives can be picked up and moved.  These objectives can only be picked up by a model that has a ‘hand’ or similar appendage.  This is limited to:

  • All Infantry, Bikes, Jetbikes, and Cavalry models.
  • Walkers with a suitable appendage.
  • Monstrous Creatures with a suitable appendage.
  • All other vehicles with an armour value cannot pick up an objective.

Vehicles with the exception of Skimmers and Flyers cannot move over
objective markers as the risk of damaging them is too great.

Vehicles cannot end their move on top of an objective marker.





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