What about codices which will be coming out soon?

Any codices or supplements (either digital or print) that are released (in customer’s hands) prior to the event will be eligible for use.
Check the Ruleset section for the list of codices and other rules which will not be permitted or will be permitted with Astronomi-con amendment.



How does Astronomi-con handle objectives?

Each scenario will have Special Rules regarding objectives.

Some objectives can be picked up and moved.  These objectives can only be picked up by a model that has a ‘hand’ or similar appendage.  This is limited to:

  • All Infantry, Bikes, Jetbikes, and Cavalry models.
  • Walkers with a suitable appendage.
  • Monstrous Creatures with a suitable appendage.
  • All other vehicles with an armour value cannot pick up an objective.

Vehicles with the exception of Skimmers and Flyers cannot move over
objective markers as the risk of damaging them is too great.

Vehicles cannot end their move on top of an objective marker.


What about units that award bonus VP or do other odd things with VP?

Astronomi-con handles these VP situations as part of Secondary Objective scoring.

In general, any ability or rules that grants bonus VP to a player will grant these VP as Secondary Objectives Astronomi-con scenarios.  Players cannot score more VP for Secondary Objectives than the published Scenario maximum (typically 6 points).



  1. Matthew Hird says:

    In scenarios using Unit Points, do Lone Wolves (who normally only give up a kill point if they are NOT destroyed) give up unit points if they are destroyed, or if they are not?

  2. Updated the FAQ with clarifications for Lone Wolves and Tau Ethereals.

  3. Matthew Hird says:

    Does acute senses allow you to re-roll the side you arrive on in the ‘Dust Off’ mission?

  4. Thanks for the question, Matthew. We will be updating the Dust Off mission to give units with the Acute Senses special rule the ability to re-roll which table edge they arrive on.

  5. David Tellez says:

    I have heard a rumour of a person(s) in past Astros conceding at a certain point in the game where their opponent only has a portion of the points they would have gained had the game finished. The reason being it would benefit a friend of theirs in contention for top table or a better placing when the person who conceded knew they were going to ultimately lose the game.

    My question is, if a person concedes do they surrender all victory points they would have earned to a minimum of 3 (loss) and does the winner gain full victory points, however many the mission would have allowed.

  6. David, while I have not heard that rumor, we take the integrity of the tournament format very seriously. As such we have taken situations where players concede into consideration.

    The following rule is part of each of our scenarios:


    If your opponent concedes or has no models on the table at the end of a
    game turn, then any remaining turns may be played-out by the active
    player in order to secure Mission Objectives until the game ends, with all
    normal scenario rules in effect. Units your opponent has in Reserve
    count as destroyed.

    Players which have no models on the table will still score any Victory
    Points they have earned over the course of the game.

    Players which concede will score zero Victory Points for the game. Any
    models the conceding player may still have on the table no longer affect
    the game in any way and count as being destroyed.

  7. Thomas M. says:

    How will you be handling the ability to fire multiple weapons (Multi-trackers, Monstrous Creatures, etc.) and overwatch/interceptor?

  8. Justin says:

    Some objectives can be picked up and moved. These objectives can only be picked up by a model that has a ‘hand’ or similar appendage. This is limited to: “Dreadnoughts with a Dreadnought Close-combat weapon”. The chaos helbrute has a powerfist instead of a DCCW. and what about a helbrute with a power scourge or a ironclads seismic hammer?

  9. James Everson says:

    if a warlord comes with his own warlord trait are we forced to take it, or can we change it?

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