What about codices which will be coming out soon?

Any codices or supplements (either digital or print) that are released (in customer’s hands) prior to the event will be eligible for use.
Check the Ruleset section for the list of codices and other rules which will not be permitted or will be permitted with Astronomi-con amendment.


Death From The Skies

Players may select Units and Formations from the Death From The Skies supplement.  They may also include a single Air Superiority Detachment in their force.

Units, Formations and Flyer Wings rules will be used.  Wing Leaders and Attack Patterns are optional – as detailed below.

The remaining rules detailed in the Death From The Skies – Burning Skies section including updated rules for Flyers, Air Superiority, Wing Leaders, Attack Patterns, and the Dogfight Phase will be optional and both players must agree to their use in their entirety during their game.



How are Formations that contain a single unit composed of units from multiple battlefield roles handled? (E.g. Deathwatch Kill Teams)

Should a unit be comprised of one or more battlefield roles, it has all of those roles for the sake of scenario deployment rules, or other game effects and scoring which pertain to battlefield role.

For Composition purposes, points for battlefield roles are to be separated out as normal.


Armoured Battlegroup Warlord Trait – Imperial Armour Vol. 1 Second Ed.

The fifth trait on the list for Astronomi-con events will be:

5 Armoured Assault – The Warlord gains the Objective Secured special rule.

Objective Secured:  A unit with this special rule controls objectives even if an enemy scoring unit is within range of the objective marker, unless the enemy unit also has this special rule.


Imperial Space Marine 2016

This model and its accompanying rules may replace a single Space Marine in a Codex Space Marines detachment.

The model replaced must be designated as “Space Marine” in the detachment.

In order to use these rules, you must have the Imperial Space Marine 2016 model, or a convincing WYSIWYG replacement.


Captain Centos – GW100 – Limited Edition 2016

This model and its accompanying rules may replace a single Space Marine Captain in a Codex Space Marines detachment which uses Ultramarines chapter tactics at the base cost of a Space Marine Captain.

In order to use these rules, you must have the Captain Centos model, or a convincing WYSIWYG replacement.


Adeptus Astartes Psychic Powers – Geokenisis

6. Shifting Worldscape is banned at Astronomi-con.

When generating psychic powers and this power is rolled, re-roll until another eligible power from this discipline is generated.



How does Astronomi-con handle objectives?

Each scenario will have Special Rules regarding objectives.

Some objectives can be picked up and moved.  These objectives can only be picked up by a model that has a ‘hand’ or similar appendage.  This is limited to:

  • All Infantry, Bikes, Jetbikes, and Cavalry models.
  • Walkers with a suitable appendage.
  • Monstrous Creatures with a suitable appendage.
  • All other vehicles with an armour value cannot pick up an objective.

Vehicles with the exception of Skimmers and Flyers cannot move over
objective markers as the risk of damaging them is too great.

Vehicles cannot end their move on top of an objective marker.


What about units that award bonus VP or do other odd things with VP?

Astronomi-con handles these VP situations as part of Secondary Objective scoring.

In general, any ability or rules that grants bonus VP to a player will grant these VP as Secondary Objectives Astronomi-con scenarios.  Players cannot score more VP for Secondary Objectives than the published Scenario maximum (typically 6 points).

The following changes are to be used for the following units for Astronomi-con scenarios and scoring purposes:

Codex Tau Empire:  Ethereal – Failure is Not An Option – For Astronomi-con scenarios, if the Ethereal is removed as a casualty, the opponent scores 1 VP which counts toward their Secondary Objectives total.

Imperial Armour Volume Twelve: The Fall of Orpheus – The Banner of Martyrdom upgrade from the Death Korps of Krieg Assault Brigade Army List is allowed. The Victory Point awarded counts as a Secondary Objective for the controlling player when the unit with the banner is destroyed during the assault phase.

Imperial Armour Volume Twelve: The Fall of Orpheus – The Death Korps Assault Objective rules will be used.  Victory Points generated by the Assault Objective contribute to the Secondary Objectives totals for both players.



How are Formations and Conjured units handled when calculating Unit Points?

Dataslate Formations which cost additional points than the units point value give up these additional points in Unit Points only if the entire formation is destroyed. .

Conjured Units:  For missions with Unit Points, Conjured units give up their published unit cost as per their parent codex.  Any unit upgrades also contribute to the Unit Points value of the unit.


What about things that are not covered in the accepted FAQ documents ?

From time to time Tournament Organizers are called upon to make rules decisions when the printed rules are incomplete or insufficient.  The rulings listed below are in effect for all Astronomi-con events.

Imperial Armour Aeronautica: Flakk Trakk – Add Flakka-gunz to the list of Wargear.

Death Korps of Krieg & Codex Inquisition – Treat these two armies as Battle Brothers.

Militarum Tempestus – Count as “Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum” with respect to selecting Forgeworld units.


LUCIUS DROP POD …………………………65 Points
Unit – 1 Dreadnought Drop pod

(Note MUST be represented by a Forge World Lucius Drop Pod model or a scratch built one of similar size – not by a ‘normal’ drop pod model as the Lucius is much larger!)

Access Points – all around (once landed the pod opens, the doors laying down completely – the access is measured from the hull, the door ‘petals’ being ignored entirely for all game purposes)

BS – Front 12, Side 12, Rear 12, 3 Hull Points

Type – Vehicle; Immobile (once landed) and Open Topped (once landed)

Transport capability – One DREADNOUGHT (only) of any type

Faction: Loyalist Astartes – any kind of Loyalist Space Marine army which can purchase dreadnoughts and drop pods.

Battlefield Role: The Lucius is a Fast Attack choice – it may not be bought as a dedicated transport unless the entry specifically states that a Lucius drop pod may be purchased as such (in other words it cannot sub in for a regular drop pod – the Dedicated entry must specify a Lucius)


Drop Pod Assault – the Lucius follows all the rules for the Drop Pod Assault listed for the faction’s other drop pods – in this way all the drop pods purchased for a faction, use the same Drop Pod assault rules
Inertial Guidance – the Lucius follows all the rules for Inertial Guidance listed for the faction’s other drop pods – in this way it will behave like the other drop pods in the army for placement on the table.

Immobile and Open – On arrival the Lucius becomes Immobile (this does not cost it a hull point) and the doors are folded down completely. The dreadnought is placed in the center of the drop pod and is considered disembarked as soon as the petals open (it need not move from the pad if it does not wish to in order to disembark). Once open the pod may be used as cover, but nothing may embark on it. It is no longer a Transport once landed.

Dreadnought Assault! – The Lucius was specifically designed to allow dreadnoughts to assault from it as it strikes the ground in the midst of the enemy – however in order to do this the dreadnought must risk landing without being completely secured to the pod, which is hazardous. Here are the rules for doing this: On the turn the dreadnought arrives, if it does not move from the pad during the movement phase, it may choose to declare an assault even though this is the turn that it arrived from Reserve. The charge uses all the normal rules for charging through difficult and dangerous terrain so:

1. The dreadnought – not having moved in the movement phase and still standing on the Lucius Pad, declares its assault target.
2. The target may fire overwatch.
3. The dreadnought makes a dangerous terrain test. If it fails it is immobilized and takes a hull point.
4. If it passes the test, it rolls its assault distance, less the 2” for charging through difficult terrain.
5. In the first round of combat, it is considered charging through difficult terrain so will get the bonus attack from charging but will strike at Initiative 1 unless equipped with assault grenades or equivalent.


  1. Matthew Hird says:

    In scenarios using Unit Points, do Lone Wolves (who normally only give up a kill point if they are NOT destroyed) give up unit points if they are destroyed, or if they are not?

  2. Updated the FAQ with clarifications for Lone Wolves and Tau Ethereals.

  3. Matthew Hird says:

    Does acute senses allow you to re-roll the side you arrive on in the ‘Dust Off’ mission?

  4. Thanks for the question, Matthew. We will be updating the Dust Off mission to give units with the Acute Senses special rule the ability to re-roll which table edge they arrive on.

  5. David Tellez says:

    I have heard a rumour of a person(s) in past Astros conceding at a certain point in the game where their opponent only has a portion of the points they would have gained had the game finished. The reason being it would benefit a friend of theirs in contention for top table or a better placing when the person who conceded knew they were going to ultimately lose the game.

    My question is, if a person concedes do they surrender all victory points they would have earned to a minimum of 3 (loss) and does the winner gain full victory points, however many the mission would have allowed.

  6. David, while I have not heard that rumor, we take the integrity of the tournament format very seriously. As such we have taken situations where players concede into consideration.

    The following rule is part of each of our scenarios:


    If your opponent concedes or has no models on the table at the end of a
    game turn, then any remaining turns may be played-out by the active
    player in order to secure Mission Objectives until the game ends, with all
    normal scenario rules in effect. Units your opponent has in Reserve
    count as destroyed.

    Players which have no models on the table will still score any Victory
    Points they have earned over the course of the game.

    Players which concede will score zero Victory Points for the game. Any
    models the conceding player may still have on the table no longer affect
    the game in any way and count as being destroyed.

  7. Thomas M. says:

    How will you be handling the ability to fire multiple weapons (Multi-trackers, Monstrous Creatures, etc.) and overwatch/interceptor?

  8. Justin says:

    Some objectives can be picked up and moved. These objectives can only be picked up by a model that has a ‘hand’ or similar appendage. This is limited to: “Dreadnoughts with a Dreadnought Close-combat weapon”. The chaos helbrute has a powerfist instead of a DCCW. and what about a helbrute with a power scourge or a ironclads seismic hammer?

  9. James Everson says:

    if a warlord comes with his own warlord trait are we forced to take it, or can we change it?

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