To take part in this event, you need to have a JimCon 7 membership for at least Saturday November 18th.
Memberships will be available at the door.


In addition, a $10.00 registration fee for this event is payable via
PayPal direct payment or e-Transfer to:

Space for this event is limited to 12 players.

Last Update: 17:45 CST Wednesday, November 15th 2017

# Player Name Player City
1  Jonathan Plouffe  Winnipeg, MB
2  Fabio Fiorentino  Winnipeg, MB
3  Steve Rayner  Gimli, MB
4  Erich Streberg  Brandon, MB
5  Charles Janke  Winnipeg, MB
6  Homer Sayer  Brandon, MB
7  Dave Bex  Brandon, MB
8  Matthew Urban  Winnipeg, MB
9  Scott Bewer  St. Andrews, MB
10  Lance Jones  Winnipeg, MB
11  Joshua Grummett  Winnipeg, MB