Toronto 2013

This year’s Toronto event is being planned for July 20th & 21st 2013.  More details soon!

  1. Skari says:

    Thinking of going to this this year. From Barrie. 😀

  2. Milos says:

    Well that sucks. 🙂 there r 4 of us lookin to participate but 3 wont be back until July 22nd from Europe. Please please tell me this is happenin in the last week of July. Or just lie to me i really love astro. 😦

  3. Nathan says:

    don’t book it for the 3-6 of July, I’ll be in Vegas and I’ve been painting a new army all year for this

  4. Dragon - MWG Moderator says:

    I’ll be coming back after a 3 year hiatus

  5. Rusty says:

    Apocalypticon is happening on the 26-27th of July just as an FYI. Hopefully the date won’t conflict as I know a bunch of people who have already registered for it:

    You guys are the best keep up the good work!

  6. Cvele says:

    Has that date changed? Thought it was being planned for 26-27 July? Any earlier than that and we will all still be in Europe. Oh well second year in a row looks like I wont be able to attend. IMO this is the worst month to hold it as everyone is on vacation.

  7. Milos says:

    Nice, so at least we can make the Apocalypti-con 🙂

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