Registration for Astronomi-con Vancouver 2013 will be by PayPal.

6 Spaces Remaining

Last Update (11:45 CDT Monday, August 12th, 2013)


# Player Name Player City Army
1 Ryan Longair Kirkland, WA TBA
2 Matthew Guenther Vancouver British Columbia TBA
3 James Chen Vancouver British Columbia TBA
4 Jesse Passmore Vancouver British Columbia TBA
5 Jason Dyer North Vancouver British Columbia TBA
6 Mark Horseman Saskatoon Saskatchewan TBA
7 Michael Bidyk Saskatoon Saskatchewan TBA
8 Thomas Marturano Rosetown Saskatchewan TBA
9 Leslie Sohier Vancouver British Columbia TBA
10 Ryan McGechaen Vancouver British Columbia TBA
11 Nick Daniels Burnaby British Columbia TBA
12 Derrick Rioux Maier Vancouver British Columbia TBA
13 Craig Fleming Vancouver British Columbia TBA
14 Findlay Craig Paisley, North Lanarkshire, UK TBA
15 Brent Mooney Surrey British Columbia TBA
16 Colin Sherlow Vancouver British Columbia TBA
17 Kiel Skriver Vancouver British Columbia TBA
18 Linton Harrison Vancouver British Columbia TBA
19 James Ryan Surrey British Columbia TBA
20 Matt Kirk Vancouver British Columbia TBA
21 Darryll de Villiers Surrey British Columbia TBA
22 Brian Paraschuk Saskatoon Saskatchewan TBA
23 Steve Franks Richmond British Columbia TBA
24 Ashley Love Burnaby British Columbia TBA
25 Taylor Bell Duncan British Columbia Grey Knights
26 John Wright Estevan Saskatchewan TBA
27 Sean Parton Richmond British Columbia TBA
28 Peter Carlson Eastsound, WA TBA
29 James Rosso Burnaby British Columbia TBA
30 A.J. Velardi Barrie Ontario TBA
  1. Tito says:

    Is it possible to come and watch this event, I’m in a terrible situation where my models have been lost in an accident but would very much like to watch astronomicon as an audience.

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