APPEARANCE (40 Points)


All models must be fully painted Citadel Miniatures or scratch built and converted models.
Players fielding unpainted models will be asked to remove them from the table and will count as destroyed for the game.

Appearance will be scored in categories as follows:

0-3 DISPLAY  (Recommended size 2’x2′ maximum) 

0 – No addition to display. Plain or no movement tray/display stand.
1 – Basic scenic movement tray. Flocked, and some detail work or equivalent.
2 – Nice display system which complements the appearance of the army.
3 – Very fine display system. Additional effort was made to enhance the army’s appearance.


0 – No conversions or contains conversions which do not enhance the appearance of the army.
1 – A few minor conversions. (Weapons, Heads, repositioning of arms, etc.)
3 – Minor conversion with one or more extensively converted models.
6 – Many extensively converted models. (Body alterations, additionally green-stuff work, etc.)
8 – Majority of the army is converted with many extensive conversions throughout.
10 – Majority of the army is strikingly converted.


0 – Plain – Unfinished bases / basic paint / badly flocked.
1 – Attractive – Simple flock, with additional details.  Nicely flocked or painted details/pattern.
2 – As above but with extra effort / Additional modelling.


1-5 – The Basics (Neat, complete, and ready for battle.)

1 – Three colours painted on the model. Not terribly neat. No detail work present.
3 – Noticeable attempts at neat painting throughout. Major details picked out.
5 – Fully Basecoated and neat. Decals and/or insignia and/or major details completed.

6-10 – Intermediate (These models look good on the table.)

6 – Some attempt to add depth and contrast to the model.
8 – Contrast techniques are evident and showing some skill and neatness.
10 – Completed models. Detail work exhibits skill. Contrast is visible. Still somewhat weak upon close inspection.

11-15 – Expert (These models look great on the table and look good up close.)

11 – Details and contrast hold up under closer inspection.
13 – Many details and a more successful contrast range shown upon close inspection.
15 – Clear ability to show contrast even upon close inspection. Very fine detail work. Skills are on display.

16-20 – Master (You’ve got some of the nicest models we’ve ever seen.)

16 – Models are very well done. Occasional minor flaws revealed upon close inspection. Mastery exhibited.
18 – Models are exceptional. True mastery of one or more techniques.
20 – Flaws cannot be found. All models in the army are stunning. Models are above and beyond all expectation.


0 – No models or units which rise above the demonstrated appearance standard of the army.
1 – Intermediate Brushwork met / One or more models or units which rise above the demonstrated appearance standard of army.
2 – Expert Brushwork met / Several units or models which rise above the demonstrated appearance standard of the army.
3 – Master Brushwork met / The effort put into this army as a whole raises the standard of the army’s appearance throughout.


The Judges may penalize up to 2 points for incomplete or messy appearance.
The Judges may award up to 2 points for additional work done to enhance theme and/or appearance.

  1. Skylor says:

    For the purposes of spawning termagants from tervigons do the spawn have to be painted? I only ask because I don’t think I can paint 50 odd gants in time.

  2. As a note – something we commonly do but haven’t actually put down anywhere to my knowledge – when an army is not consistently painted (either painted over a long period of time, by different people or perhaps some models which are not quite done to the same standard) the army will generally be judged on the majority of the models – although the judges may also apply a negative modifier for some models being of lower standard or not finished.

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