Army List

ARMY LIST (10 Points)

On the day of the tournament, your Army List must be handed in for Judging.

All army lists must include the following information:

  • Player’s Name
  • For Force Org slots with more than one unit, a separate points total for each of the units (this makes calculating Unit Points at the end of the game easier.)
  • The codex, dataslate, or supplement which the Detachment is selected from.
  • Compulsory Core units are to be noted in the army list.
  • Units should have their Battlefield Role listed.
  • A list of all purchased upgrades for each unit.
  • For Wargear that comes in multiple varieties depending on what is on the model, the army list should specify the exact type of wargear used.  (ie:  “Power weapon: is wrong.  Power Sword/Axe/Maul” are correct.)


Scoring is out of 10 points for appearance and creativity.

NOTE: Your final army list must be the same army as submitted for review! 

Persons using an illegal army are at the mercy of the Tournament Organizers and will suffer penalties as deemed appropriate.

0 No Army list, or incorrect.
+1 Hand written army list – minimal information
+2 Basic Printed army list – minimal information
+3 Printed and formatted army list – Points and wargear are broken-out.  EG:  Army Builder Output
+1 All Characters are named.
+1 Fiction – multiple paragraphs, formatted and well written.
+1 Photos of your models.
+1 Well presented original artwork
+1 Additional Effort
+1 Exceptional Effort
10 Army list is beyond all reasonable expectation.  Simply wow!!
  1. Jeff says:

    Is there a bonus for submitting you list early?

  2. Shane says:

    The photos of the models etc, does that have to be in the list submitted before the tourney or in the one present at the event?

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