The following awards will be presented to players at the end of the tournament:

Best in Faction – Highest total score for their Faction
Best Army – Highest number of Best Army votes
Best Terrain – Most Best Terrain votes

A Player’s Faction is determined by the Faction of the army’s Warlord.
Players are eligible to win both a Best in Faction and Best Terrain award.

NOTE: The organizers reserve the right to group Factions together to compete for a single themed Faction award in the event some factions are under represented.  (Eg:  Thousand Sons, and Death Guard might be grouped together with Chaos Daemons to form a group of players competing for the ‘Best Chaos’ faction award if these factions each only had a small number of players with them at the event.)

NOTE:  As these Faction awards are produced in advance of the event, players that register at the door or after Faction lines have been drawn and Awards produced may be pooled with a group of players competing for a faction award which is not specifically their own.  To avoid these sorts of situations, we encourage players to register as early as possible and declare for their Faction.


To compete for the Best Terrain award, first arrange with the organizers to bring a table’s worth of terrain to the event. The organizers will review the submission for quality and also to either assign or write a scenario for that terrain – so earlier is better and pictures will be required. Once approved, bring your terrain to the event either early before play starts or on the day before.

Each player will receive a single ballot which they will use to cast their vote for the Best Terrain award.  Tables vying for this award will be clearly marked at the event.