Composition judging will be done in advance of the event.  Army lists must be submitted for composition scoring prior to the event.

Send your army list here:  – or mail it to the address on the registration form in the Registration section.
NOTE: Army Lists must be submitted in one of the following formats:  HTML, DOC, XLS, RTF, TXT, PDF.

Army lists must be broken down into Compulsory Core* and Battlefield Role (HQ,  TROOPS, ELITE, FAST ATTACK, and HEAVY SUPPORT sections), with all vehicle upgrades, wargear, unit options and points listed.

Also, be sure to include your full name with your army list submission!.

Composition is scored as follows:  Start with a full 20 points and deduct from that total the appropriate penalties in each of the Force Organization and Points sections as indicated below.

The points spent on units are totaled for the following categories:

  • Compulsory Core*
  • HQ
  • Troops
  • Elites
  • Fast Attack
  • Heavy Support
  • Fortifications/Other

*Compulsory Core – These are unit selections and formations you MUST take as part of your Battleforged army.

In a Formation Based Detachment (eg;  Necron Decurion, Eldar Craftworld Warhost, Space Marine Gladius Strike Force) these are the Compulsory units in the first selected Core Formation.   Note:  Should you choose more than one Core formation, you must define which of those you have selected as your Compulsory formation in your submitted army list.

In a traditional Detachments, these are the Compulsory (Black Box) Force Organization selections.

Compulsory Units in Core Formations are those:

  • Which are not 0-1.
  • Which are the first of a 1+ or 1-n entries.
  • This includes all unit upgrades and Dedicated Transports



Combined Arms Detachment – Compulsory Core – 1 HQ and 2 Troops selections

Allied Detachment – Compulsory Core – 1 HQ and 1 Troops selections.

Inquisitorial Detachment – Compulsory Core – 1 HQ selection.

Officio Assassinorum Detachment – Compulsory Core – 1 Elites selection

Space Marine Gladius Strike Force – Core – Battle Demi Company
Compulsory Units:
 1 Captain/Chaplain
 3 Tactical Squads (and their dedicated transports)
 1 of the listed Fast Attack options
 1 of the listed Heavy Support options

Other units in this formation are not Compulsory as you are not required to select them.

All of the Compulsory selections will have their points allocated to the Compulsory Core category.


Note that in an army that has multiple detachments all of the Compulsory units become part of the Compulsory Core category. 


Units allocate their point values including points spent on any upgrades to a single category from those listed above.

The totals for each category are then compared to the criteria below and Composition points are deducted accordingly.

The totals for each category are then compared to the criteria below and Composition points are deducted accordingly.

-1 for 651-750 points of Compulsory Core.
-1 for 751-850 points of Compulsory Core.
-1 for 851-950 points of Compulsory Core.

-1 for 151-250 points of HQ.
-1 for 251-350 points of HQ.
-1 for 351-450 points of HQ.

-1 for 251-350 points of Troops.
-1 for 351-450 points of Troops.
-1 for 451-550 points of Troops.

-1 for 251-350 points of Elites.
-1 for 351-450 points of Elites.
-1 for 451-550 points of Elites.

-1 for 251-350 points of Fast Attack.
-1 for 351-450 points of Fast Attack.
-1 for 451-550 points of Fast Attack.

-1 for 251-350 points of Heavy Support.
-1 for 351-450 points of Heavy Support.
-1 for 451-550 points of Heavy Support.

-1 for 201-300 points of Fortifications/Other.
-1 for 301-400 points of Fortifications/Other.
-1 for 401-500 points of Fortifications/Other.


  1. Adrian says:

    Someone asked about Knights as Lords of War (Shawn, April 4). With the new Knights codex, Knights are all LOW. But if you buy them as a detachment, they are not taking up a Lords of War slot in your list. Do you consider Knights to be lords of war for the purposes of list building (in which case you can’t take them) even if bought in a detachment that does not take up a LOW slot? Personally, I would answer my own question “yes, they’re LOW and not permitted at Astro” based on what seems to be your intent, but wanted to ask anyway.

  2. Andy says:

    How would units that do not take up a Force Org slot be classified for Comp? (e.g. Ork Mek, Commissar)

  3. Colin says:

    Hey guys. I have a question. I’m considering a Battle Co for the heck of it, and the transports are ‘free’ in a legal Battle Co after the appropriate conditions are met. Are these free transports subject to composition penalties?

  4. Michael says:

    Looks to me that with the new Points values, we arn’t expecting many to have a perfect 20/20 comp anymore?

    No opionion on wether this is a good or bad thing. just appears to me that not many lists will fit into the tighter paradigm.

  5. If you take an Assassin, since they are a stand alone unit from their own dataslate are they considered Compulsory or Elite (do they have a type anymore?).

  6. Mack says:

    So if a formation detachment can only have 3 specific units (for example the Skytyrant swarm) all three of those units are considered as compulsory core choices?

  7. Matt says:

    For a slot like fast attack, would you need to be at 351 to suffer a -2 penalty, or only 350? I’m just wondering about the working since 350 would be ‘a full 100 points over 250’, but that’s inconsistent with needing to be at 251 to get the first -1 penalty.

  8. Can we get troops bumped up a tiny bit? I understand that the points are to penalize eldar who want to take scatter bike spam but it’s harsher against those who do not have options like that taking transports which count against it and penalize them also or maybe take dedicated transports back out again? Just thoughts.

  9. Also, it’s physically impossible to get a perfect comp with this current system unless you have a decurion style detachment as the points don’t add up to 1500 as they would have nothing which would count towards the 600 point compulsory core, so armies such as Dark Eldar, Blood Angels, Chaos Marines, Chaos Daemons, Harlequins, Orks (unless the new supplement changed something) and such are already at a disadvantage comp wise to the armies already stronger than them (Craftworld Eldar, Tau, Marines, Necrons).

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