Army Selection

Army Selection

Players must select their armies using the Battle-forged method as detailed in the main rulebook.

Players may select up to three Detachments but cannot select the same Detachment more than once.

Players cannot select units or Formations that are designated as “Open War”.

Players cannot select units that have a battlefield role designated as “Lord Of War”.

Players cannot select a Detachment that includes a unit which has a battlefield role designated as “Lord of War”.


Reminder:  To preserve the sanity of the Tournament Organizers, submitted army lists must properly break-out the detachments for validation purposes.  They must also list the Battlefield Role and Power Level cost of each unit.  They must also provide an indication as to where the rules for each unit can be found should be from outside the main codex (eg: Index, or White Dwarf).


  1. Shawn says:

    On the astro Facebook there was talk of changing the army selection to remove
    lords of war and similar units. Now that registration is open are these still changing?

  2. Shawn says:

    So d weapons are allowed now?

    • Mike Major says:

      Yes they are – they had to be as they are now part of the main ruleset and carried by ‘ordinary’ units – particularly in the Eldar Codex.

  3. Tristan says:

    If a new DA codex drops in July – what is the likelihood it will be approved?

  4. Trev C says:

    So just to confirm, the Astronomi-con detachments (and associated restrictions) will no longer be used?

    One suggestion, if I may: On the mobile version of this device, none of the pages have publication dates. If you could add publication dates to your pages, that’d greatly help understand which pages/rules are recent and which are older and likely out of date.


  5. stephane says:

    If multiple of the same formations are not allowed how does that work with decurion style detachments like gladius. Are they not allowed?

  6. stephane says:

    If you are not allowed to take duplicate formations, how do decurion style detachments work? Are they illegal?

  7. stephane says:

    With regards to the Demi-Company comments above, is it possible to have some wiggle room? The 2nd Demi-Company is required for Company Support which is a key buff of the Gladius (without it, Gladius becomes much much less interesting to use). And the 2nd Demi company just means more vanilla marines, so you’re not spamming MCs or Riptides or anything like that. If its absolutely not possible to take a 2nd Demi-Company, could you allow Company Support with just 1 Demi-Company?

  8. Hi Stephane,

    The reason the limitation is there is to specifically eliminate the Company Support from becoming available. It also prevents other armies from duplicating powerful formations. It was a game-balance decision. At 1500 points, which could be viewed as a small battle, thematically it would be inappropriate for a Company-level action. Which is also why things like Lords of War are unavailable.

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