Army Selection

Army Selection

Players must select their armies using the Battle-forged method as detailed in the main rulebook.

Players must select their army with a total of no more than 1500 Matched Play Points.

Players may select up to three Detachments.

Players cannot select units or Formations that are designated as “Open War”.

Players cannot select units that have a battlefield role designated as “Lord Of War”.

Players cannot select a Detachment that includes a unit which has a battlefield role designated as “Lord of War”.

Players if using the Reinforcements special rules must set aside a portion of their 1500 points for these units as per the Matched Play rules.

Reminder:  To preserve the sanity of the Tournament Organizers, submitted army lists must properly break-out the detachments for validation purposes.  They must also list the Battlefield Role and points cost of each unit.  They must also provide an indication as to where the rules for each unit can be found should they be from outside the main codex (eg: Index, or White Dwarf).



Astronomi-con Detachment

In an effort to encourage diverse forces and to better help players have Command Points to spend on Scenario Stratagems, we have created a new optional Detachment for players to use at Astronomi-con.

Restrictions: All units must be from the same faction.
Command Benefits: +10 Command Points

Required units in []’s

[Troop][Troop][Troop][Troop] Troop
[Elite] Elite
[Fast] Fast
[Heavy] Heavy
Dedicated Transport(s) – May include 1 for each other choice.

NOTE: This detachment encourages a diverse Troops-focused force while still allowing some freedom of selection.