GAMEPLAY (90 Points)

Each player will play six games, each with a unique scenario and terrain.

Each scenario will follow the standard rules for ending the game.  Last Turn will be called at the 2 hour mark, and players are to end their game after their current game turn is completed.  Players who’s game runs beyond an acceptable time limit will be stopped by a judge.

We encourage everyone to complete their games.

Each scenario will have a Primary Objective  and multiple Secondary Objectives.

The Primary Objective has a Win-Draw-Loss component worth 9-5-1 Victory Points respectively.

The Secondary Objectives if achieved will award players up to 6 Victory Points.  Other special rules or abilities may contribute to a player’s Secondary Objectives tally, but these can never exceed 6 Victory Points in any situation.

At the end of the game, tally up the number of Victory Points your force has earned. This will be your Battle Points score for the game.

While scoring 15 Victory Points in a mission is possible – such scores will be difficult to achieve!


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