General Rules

Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition rules, FAQ and Errata will be used.

The event will be composed of five games.  Three games on the Saturday and two games on the Sunday.

All armies must be fully painted.

Models must be WYSIWYG.

Army Selection

  • Armies must be selected using the rules for Battleforged armies.
  • A maximum of three Detachments can be used for an army.
  • Armies must contain units with a combined total of no more than 1500 Matched Play Points.
  • Warhammer Legends units can be used.
  • Lords of War cannot be selected as part of any Detachment or Formation.


Event Scoring

The event will be scored out of 150 points.

25 – Appearance
25 – Gameplay
50 – Narrative
50 – Sportsmanship

Scenarios And Terrain

Each table will have its own unique scenario and terrain.  This means that each player will fight a unique set of battles over the course of the event. Players over the course of the event will only play an opponent once, and will only play on a specific table once.

Each battle will use the Random Game Length Scenario Special Rule and all players are encouraged to play a complete game where possible.


An army must have a specific Warlord as part of the Army List.  This Warlord must be the same for every game and cannot be changed over the course of the event.

A Warlord Trait is to be selected each game as per the standard rules for determining a Warlord Trait.

 Psychic Powers

All Psychic Powers are to be selected each game as per the standard rules for determining Psychic Powers.