Tournament Rules

The official Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition rules will be used.


All Games Workshop codices, indices, supplements, and White Dwarf unit entries that are in print or available for download will be permitted unless otherwise noted or superseded by a newer codex if applicable.

The specific Errata sections from Games Workshop’s FAQ PDFs WILL be used.

The specific Amendments sections from Games Workshop’s FAQ PDFs WILL be used.

The FAQ and Questions sections of the Games Workshop FAQ PDFs WILL be used.


FAQ’s and Errata are found: here


Players are required to have a copy of all applicable rules for their armies, either in digital or print format.

It is recommended that players have a copy of all related FAQ’s for their armies.


The Fortification Detachment WILL be used, with the following restrictions:

All Fortifications must be submitted to the organizers for approval of use prior to the event.

All fortifications and Upgrades must be modeled appropriately.



Forgeworld models, units for Warhammer 40,000 8th edition will be allowed.

The Codex/Imperial Armour book/Imperial Armour Errata PDF for your army must be used and players must have it with them during all games, along with their army list for use as a reference.

Army lists are open.  Players should provide a copy of their army list to their opponent.

All rulings by the Event Judges will be final.