At the conclusion of each game, all players are required to fill out a game results sheet.

On the sheet, you will rate your opponent’s Sportsmanship on both their conduct and their army.

You score your opponent’s Player Sportsmanship from 0-5 points.
You score your opponent’s Army Sportsmanship from 0-5 points.

You can score up to 10 points for Sportsmanship in each game.

  1. Cvele says:

    Lol what does “army” sportsmanship mean? IMO I find the notion of any sportsmanship score stupid. Composition score already costs you points so this is just redundant since you lose points if you duplicate any troops. Plus considering this is a game of war, one should take every advantage to win. Did the allies lose points in WW2 because they used nukes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? No, as that Warhammer quote goes, “Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none!” 60 points for sportsmanship is hilarious.

  2. Achilles says:

    This probably isn’t the tournament for you then…

    • Cvele says:

      Lol im not so sure about that, i did win 2 of the last 4 toronto astro best general titles and came in 2nd in another one, i just really dont care about sportsmanship score. Simply because i care much more about winning. 🙂

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