On Narrative Objectives

Posted: September 25, 2018 by Lord Commander Militant of the Imperial Guard in Uncategorized

One thing that is going to be different in our new v8 Narrative events is the concept of ‘Narrative Objectives’.

These are new, and I can hear everyone saying to themselves, okay – so what the heck is a ‘Narrative Objective’ anyway? How do I use it and what do they mean?

In the past, we had points and objectives to create a win, a loss and a draw and you could earn additional ‘battle points’ by fulfilling certain secondary objectives. Narrative objectives have replaced these. They are similar in some ways, different in others.

In the past, if you earned some ‘secondary objectives’ you just added on a couple points. Done and done, good for you, slightly better swiss score. Let me be clear though, that is NOT how the Narrative objectives work.

Each scenario will have FIVE Narrative Objectives. Some will be relatively easy to accomplish, other might be harder. It is always possible to get all five, but it is not always possible for each player to get all five, although in many cases, both players could score some of them during a game.

The big difference between secondary objectives and narrative objectives is that the latter are first of all, inspired directly by the ‘story’ of the scenario. They literally are narrative. They might encourage you to have your commander do something or be someplace at some point during the game. You might need to make use of a given scenario stratagem or have something (good or bad) happen to your army during the course of the game.

Second, the Narrative Objectives aren’t just ‘points’. They do add to narrative points, but in addition they tell us, the organizers, cool things that happened DURING the battle. As such, if you achieve Narrative Objective A, which is to have your Warlord standing at a given objective at the end of the game, then make sure to check the box on the score sheet for A, not just any one of the boxes. Yes, we do have a reason for this and we hope you’ll enjoy it, but it’s a secret for now.

See you all in Milton on the weekend!

  1. Hey! I am not in the tournament this weekend but had emailed you earlier about coming to watch? I know it’s at the hotel in Milton but is it in a specific room? Sorry if this is the wrong place to send this! Thanks  Sameer orkman Sukhiani

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