Registration for Astronomi-con Toronto 2014 will be by PayPal.

4 Spaces Remaining

Last Update (17:45 CST Monday, July 21st 2014)


# Player Name Player City Army
1  Matt Manuel  Barrie Ontario  TBA
2  Andrew Mudge  Keswick Ontario  TBA
3  Milos Vukicevic  Vaughan Ontario  TBA
4  Patrick Davis  Penetanguishene Ontario  TBA
5  Dave Reuhl  Midland, MI  TBA
6  Dave Graham  Toronto, Ontario  TBA
7  Nicholas Wansbutter  New Hamburg  TBA
8  Adrian Johnson  Newmarket Ontario  TBA
9  Nick Itsou  Scarborough Ontario  TBA
10  Aaron Plate  Hagersville Ontario  TBA
11  Kevin Morris  Etobicoke Ontario  TBA
12  Shane Phillips  Toronto Ontario  TBA
13  Wayne Shelson  Lethbridge Alberta  TBA
14  Burton Wright  Stouffville Ontario  TBA
15  Gary Penton  St. Catharines Ontario  TBA
16  Garrett Pogson  Keswick Ontario  TBA
17  Nicholas Kozlo  Oakville Ontario  TBA
18  Ash Barker  Memphis, TN  TBA
19  Peter Smith  Stratford Ontario  TBA
20  Shawn Dennis  Stratford Ontario  TBA
21  Mike Thornhill  Stratford Ontario  TBA
22  Mark Ezekiel  Stratford Ontario  TBA
23  Rob Doell  Stratford Ontario  TBA
24  Jeff Brown  Toronto Ontario  TBA
25  Clarence Lee  Vaughan Ontario  TBA
26  Neil Pomroy  Toronto Ontario  TBA
27  Jim Baidacoff  Georgetown Ontario  TBA
28  Trevor Engel  Canfield Ontario  TBA
29  Thomas Hird  Toronto Ontario  TBA
30  Jonathan Tung  North York Ontario  TBA
31  Mike Fiume  Toronto Ontario  TBA
32  Robert Mills  St. Marys Ontario  TBA
33  Matthew Lee  Toronto Ontario  TBA
34  Andrew Brock  Newmarket Ontario  TBA
35  Lorand Vagaszki  Toronto Ontario  TBA
36  George Symon  Dorchester Ontario  TBA
37  Josh Curtis  Newmarket Ontario  TBA
38  Matthew Towes  Oakville Ontario  TBA
39  David Lima  Oakville Ontario  TBA
40  Steff Pazzi  Burlington Ontario  TBA
41  Jason Melo  Waterdown Ontario  TBA
42  Johnathan Ho  North York Ontario  TBA
43  Curtis Cluett  Toronto Ontario  TBA
44  Justin Hollinger  Barrie Ontario  TBA
45  James Everson  Toronto Ontario  TBA
46  Zac Prinsloo  Toronto Ontario  TBA
47  Christopher Dzialowski  Brampton Ontario  TBA
48  Joseph Duca  Woodbridge Ontario  TBA
49 Joe Geary Toronto Ontario TBA
50 Tyler Kohlmetz Toronto Ontario TBA
51 David Findlay St. Catharines Ontario TBA
52 John Gordon St. Catharines Ontario TBA
  1. Shane says:

    Paid via pay pal, will I receive a email to submit the rest of my data?
    Also will the tournament is based off of 6th ed (what I bought my army for ><) or be using the rumored 6.5/7th ed.

  2. Skylor says:

    Will it be at The Hide Away bar again?

  3. Peter says:

    New rules are to be released on May 24th from what I’ve been told.

  4. akastarminer says:

    So. Only 30 spaces this year?

  5. Jeff says:

    How often is this updated, I sent my registration in last week…

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