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1 Space Remaining

 Last Update (15:30 CDT Friday, July 18th 2013)


# Player Name Player City Army
1 James McBeath Stratford Ontario Dark Angels
2 David Reuhl Midland Michigan TBA
3 Dave Graham Toronto Ontario TBA
4 Matt Manuel Barrie Ontario Space Marines
5 Vaughn Bobiwash Penetanguishene Ontario TBA
6 Patrick Davis Penetanguishene Ontario TBA
7 Adrian Johnson Newmarket Ontario TBA
8 Brian Spruyt Strathroy Ontario TBA
9 Jason Melo Oakville Ontario Chaos Space Marines
10 Matthew Towes Oakville Ontario Grey Knights
11 Devin Quinlan Petawawa Ontario TBA
12 Matt Hird Toronto Ontario Space Wolves
13 Jim Baidacoff Georgetown Ontario Dark Eldar
14 Aaron Plate Hamilton Ontario TBA
15 Milos Vukicevic Toronto Ontario Imperial Guard
16 George Timson Strathroy Ontario TBA
17 George Symon Dorchester Ontario TBA
18 John McNeil Midland Ontario TBA
19 Mark Ezekiel Stratford Ontario Necrons
20 Christian Stewart Toronto Ontario TBA
21 Jonathan Tung Toronto Ontario TBA
22 David Tellez Toronto Ontario TBA
23 Tyler Kohlmetz Toronto Ontario TBA
24 Darrin Holmes Toronto Ontario Chaos Space Marines
25 Matthew Lee Toronto Ontario Space Marines
26 Claudio Paola Toronto Ontario TBA
27 Joey Geary Toronto Ontario TBA
28 Lorand Vagaszki Toronto Ontario TBA
29 Mike Fiume Toronto Ontario TBA
30 David Sawyer Barrie Ontario TBA
31 Garrett Pogson Keswick Ontario TBA
32 Justin Hollinger Barrie Ontario TBA
33 Nick Itsou Toronto Ontario Space Marines
34 Pete Smith Stratford Ontario Space Marines
35 Shawn Dennis Stratford Ontario Space Wolves
36 Gary Penton St. Catharines Ontario Tyranids
37 Jeff Brown Toronto Ontario TBA
38 Robert Mills Stratford Ontario TBA
39 Michael Findlay Etobicoke Ontario TBA
40 Michael Brennan Stratford Ontario Tau Empire
41 Nathan Stevens Palmerston Ontario TBA
42 David Findlay St. Catharines Ontario TBA
43 John Gordon St. Catharines Ontario TBA
44 Josh Curtis Newmarket Ontario TBA
45 Andrew Brock Newmarket Ontario TBA
46 Rob Doell Stratford Ontario Dark Angels
48 Nathan Barbary Petawawa Ontario TBA
49 CJ Eldridge Petawawa Ontario TBA
50 Tom Gledhill Petawawa Ontario TBA
51 Chris Steward Petawawa Ontario TBA
52 Tom Finn Petawawa Ontario TBA
53 Skylor Petrovich Claremont Ontario TBA
54 Paul Campbell Gatineau Quebec TBA
55 Joseph Nixon Chatham Ontario Tau Empire
56 Ian Wright Toronto Ontario TBA
57 Shane McConnell London Ontario TBA
58 Tim Godberson Oakville Ontario TBA
59 Taylor Bell Duncan British Columbia TBA
60 Andrew Nicholls London Ontario TBA
61 Miles Holmes Lasalle Quebec TBA
62 Clarence Lee Vaughan Ontario TBA
63 Michael Kiser Killeen Texas TBA
64 Johnathan Ho North York Ontario TBA
  1. Devin Quinlan says:

    Here it comes again boys!

  2. Justin says:

    the second Matt Manuel is actually supposed to be Justin Hollinger. i didnt have access to a credit card at the time and Matt Manuel used his for me. i will be playing CSM aswell

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