Open War!

Open War!

Welcome to Astronomi-con – Open War!

The fine folks at JimCon have given us enough space to run a small one-day 40k event and we’ve opted to ease into 8th edition with Open War!
This gives us some more time to try a few new concepts and play around with some of the new tools in our 40k Event Organizer toolbox that 8th edition has to offer.  Rest assured, our traditional Astronomi-con event – and all of the narrative scenarios you’ve come to expect from us will be carried over in the future.

Now, this event is intended to be a fun day of exploring the narrative side of Warhammer 40,000 and participants are encouraged to bring armies that will explore the story-telling aspects of the game as well as their armies all the while providing an entertaining day of battles – win or lose.

Missions will be based on the Open War! mission cards produced by Games Workshop – but you don’t need a set of these to participate.  You will need an army and three objective markers though!

The day will consist of three games and each player will get to play three unique missions on different tables against different opponents.

We’ll be keeping score of how players perform in all aspects of the hobby, including army appearance, sportsmanship, theme, and of course the results of the battles themselves.  To help keep the narrative aspect true, we are looking to divide the players into two groups – similar to forces of Order and Disorder.  Each round players will do battle with a member from the opposing group.  At the end of the event, we’ll give out awards for the best overall hobbyist in each of the two groups.  We’ll also announce the side with the combined highest total for the day.


All missions will use Objective, Deployment, and Twist cards from the Open War deck.  For this event we will not be making use of the Ruse or Sudden Death cards, so be sure to select your army right up to the Power Level limit of 75.

Some other alterations will include how the first player is determined:  The players will roll-off with the player who finished setting up their army first getting +1 to their roll result.  The player that scores higher can choose whether to go first or second.  If they choose to go first, their opponent can roll a dice; on a roll of 6, they manage to seize the initiative and they get the first turn instead!  NOTE:  If the person that won the roll-off chooses to go second they cannot then roll to seize the initiative.

Missions are pre-generated and each table will have a mission sheet with the details of your objective for that battle.  Each table will have its own unique mission.